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ORG is committed to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships by providing reliable information and high end product offerings. Take a minute and learn more about our purchase procedure, our terms and conditions, also to establish contact with us and present your specific needs.

Very informative and consise information is available within the Procedure links on the right-side (in blue) and will ensure you don't fall in the pit-traps of non-sussessful transactions due to insufficient or improperly prepared documentation.

How ORG can support your procurement ?

ORG works in most cases by means of submitted Mandate. For instance you are a global trading company, importer/exporter, wholesaler or retailer and require a specidic product. Your contact with ORG would specify the entirity of requirements. Then once ORG has reviewed your request and confident to fulfull your demand a Mandate document

firming our position will be executed. Purpose of the Mandate is to show committment of both sides for the common goal of fulfilling the business transations which was originally inquired by party seeking procurement assistance.

How we work in soft commodity

Buyers purchasing in the commodity sectors are fully aware of current prices and already know their target price. With our help and interaction the common goal of successful transactions will be to satisfied. The product requested which must be formally submitted with an LOI followed up with a BCL are both mandatory documents's to support your enquiry to proceed to the next phase.

How we work in product manufacturing

Focused and specialized to very price-conscious buyers. At first a serious buyer submit duly Letter of Intent concerning the chosen product, ORG customer service approve by issue Performa Invoices, enable buyers bank to issue a transferable Letter of Credit 100% at sight document.

How to avoid failure?

One can never guard completely against risks when running a business, regardless of corporation size, private person or sole proprietorship company. Unforseen events can happen around the company and its market which no one can predict. However if due dilligence and work is done properly with respect for the company’s culture and history coupled with the proper preperation for insurance instruments then your risk is calculated and minimized with realistic expectations.

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